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Returning to School

Returning to school after lockdown has been difficult for most children. That's not to say it hasn't been difficult for a number of children to have made it through lockdown.


We have a number of children experiencing anxiety as they are unsure whether their friendships are still intact, they are fearful as they haven't completed all the necessary work expected of them during lockdown and so are now needing to play catch-up. There are a number of children feeling very anxious about getting into trouble from their teachers for incomplete work, or concerned that they will be failing the year. We need to support our children and acknowledge that anxiety often exists even when their isn't nail biting and tummy aches. Anxiety can be expressed through irritation and anger too.


This world has changed rapidly and our children are trying to keep up as much as we are. Please find resources below to help you and your children to adjust to this Returning to School Phenomenon!

A Message From Claire

Hi everyone,

Thank you for coming to join me on this video series. I think we all have so many questions about returning to school. This talk is especially for you if you are still a learner. I hope that it answers all the questions you might have right now.

Keep safe,


What Have Your Teachers Been Doing?

We are so lucky to have so many teachers who are so committed to teaching us and keeping us safe. Do you know how busy your teachers have been? They have been redesigning your classrooms to make sure you all sit at a safe distance from one another, they have been marking the corridors so that you can all walk safely and line up safely. They have been discussing ways to celebrate your birthdays in fun and safe ways. They have been super busy because they care about you and they want to make sure that you will be safe while you are learning.

Do You Feel Scared To Go Back To School?

Masks     Hand Sanitizer     Social Distancing     Coughing Into Your Elbow


How Does The Virus Work and How Can We Keep Safe?

Guess what?

The virus doesn't have a brain! It only knows how to multiply once it is inside you. You have a brain and you know how to stop the virus from getting inside you by:

  • Washing your hands

  • Coughing into your elbow

  • Wearing a mask

  • Social Distancing

Keep on keeping safe!

What Will Your First Day Look Like?

It will be strange arriving at school and not being able to hug your friends and your teacher.

It may seem strange saying goodbye to mom and dad at the gate of your school.


There will be lots of new and strange things to get used you. But, there will be lots of things to make you laugh too! How funny does your teacher look in a face mask? Did you try to eat your school lunch today, forgetting to take your mask off first? 


Laughter is a wonderful way to reduce our stress.

How Can You Make Your Own 'Worry Plan?'

We all need a 'worry plan.' It's the plan that we make to help us when we are feeling to worried to think straight!

Some 'Worry' Resources For You...
In Conclusion...

We Can All Stay Safe Together, But We Must All Follow The Rules In Order To Do So!

Remember:     Wash Your Hands     Wear A Mask     Social Distance     Cough Into Your Elbow

Returning to School: Pre-School Teachers Talk

The responsibility of being a teacher is huge, but your love and committment for the children you teach is going to be what gets you through these very trying circumstances. Thank you for making the safety of our children your priority!

Resources For Teachers

Please find the downloadable notes below describing the emotions that children might return to school with. 

Emotions of Children (notes)
Superhero class theme

Please find the downloadable ideas for a classroom theme on superheroes below. It is just ideas as I am not a teacher!

Returning To School: Pre-School Parents Talk

Wow...this is a really tough time for us as parents. We have so many decisions to make and our main aim is to protect our families. I really hope that the information in this talk will help you to feel more empowered to make the decisions you need to. Stay safe!

Most Asked Questions By Parents

Will My Child Be Safe At School

The schools and teachers have very strict protocols that they have to keep to so your children will be a safe as they can be. It is important to remind your children about the importance of abiding by these protocols, washing hands, wearing a mask, social distancing

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