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Children And Screen-Time

Don’t use screens to ‘babysit’ your kids. They are old enough to help you and need to engage. Get them to sit with you and help prepare a salad for supper or help to set the table etc. Help them to feel useful and needed.


It’s not only our children’s screen time that is a problem – it is ours too!

  • When we spend hours on our screens our children resort to theirs

  • We have stopped listening to our kids

  • Kids need us to make eye contact when we listen to them – don’t say you are listening while looking at your phone. Your children will stop talking..and you won’t even notice.

Are We Creating Empty Boxes?
Empty boxes
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In this podcast we look at how screen time can play a role in us creating empty boxes for our children as they watch and absorb things rather than learning to think critically.

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