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How To Reduce Anxiety In My Child In Three Easy Steps

It is so difficult to watch our children struggle when they are anxious


We want to do what we can to help them

This course will empower you to build connection with your child as you work together on activities that reduce anxiety and help your child to worry less


This course offers you three easy steps to reduce your child’s anxiety:

  1. It will help you develop a clear understanding of what is triggering your child’s anxiety

  2. It will teach you strategies your children can use to manage and reduce their anxiety

  3. It will give you solutions and techniques for managing future anxiety


Yes, that’s right… You will be able to help your child reduce their anxiety in three easy steps








Cost: R280  Exceptional value as it's less than one session of therapy!




  1. You will have helpful resources for assessing and managing anxiety

  2. You will have activities that will help your child feel a sense of control over their anxiety

  3. You and your child can work through this course at your own pace



                                                          DON’T MISS OUT        SIGN UP TODAY        


Outcomes Of The Three Step Program 

Once you have completed the course, you will have:​

  1. You will have a clear understanding of what days/activities are triggering your child's anxiety.

  2. You will have learnt ways to help your child feel empowered so they can manage their anxiety more effectively and reduce the frequency or severity of it.

  3. You will have practical resources that your child can use to help them identify solutions for their anxiety

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