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Small, Online, Group Parenting Sessions For Parents Of Anxious Children

‘My Child Worries Too Much’

If this is true for your family, then come and join us!

A six week parenting journey for parents of anxious children

Join me and other parents as we learn to find ways of supporting our anxious children

We all want to help our children to worry less. Let’s do it together!



Practical Group Mentoring for Parents of Anxious Children

  • Do you want your child to be less anxious?

  • Would you like to be empowered to deal with anxiety mor effectively in order to empower you child?

  • Do you want a safe space where you can talk about your concerns relating specifically to your child?

  • Do you want to talk openly with parents who understand and share similar struggles with anxious children?


        Date: Next group starts 19th July  2021      Time:  Mondays @ 7pm                Total Cost:  R1500








What will you achieve?


  1. You will feel the support of parents who understand how challenging childhood anxiety is

  2. You will build connection with other parents whose children worry too

  3. You will be more empowered with ideas and tools to assist you and your child

  4. You will believe again that change is possible

  5. You will gain the knowledge necessary to assist your child with their anxiety

  6. You will see your child beginning to manage their anxiety

  7. You will see a reduction in your child’s anxiety


Sometimes we can watch all the videos and attend all the workshops and courses, but unless we work with our children in a practical way and there is a level of accountability, we don’t see the desired change. But together, we can do this!


How will you achieve this?


  1. By learning new techniques and ideas for reducing your child’s anxiety during group meetings

  2. By listening to Ideas and practical suggestions that have worked successfully for other families with anxious children

  3. By using the time between sessions to practice techniques and ideas with your children at home, recognising that each child is unique and sometimes solutions need to be specifically moulded to your child

  4. By raising questions during sessions that arise during the week while you are working with your children

  5. You will receive ongoing support and guidance in in managing anxiety during our sessions


If your child worries too much, sign up now and let’s work together on reducing their anxiety! 


You will receive…

  1. A six-week parenting course focused on reducing anxiety in your child

  2. Knowledge and a deeper understanding of anxiety and how it works

  3. Helpful resources for managing your child’s anxiety

  4. Access to a private facebook page with other parents of anxious children

  5. A free copy of a children’s book ‘Learning to Worry Less!’


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