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Online, group sessions for parents wanting to know more about ADHD

Is Your Child Struggling...?

Struggling to listen?   Struggling to sit still?   Struggling to concentrate?   Struggling to 'be good?' 


 Struggling to make friends?   Struggling to like him/herself?   Struggling to complete work? 


 Struggling with friends?   Struggling with frustration?   Struggling with anxiety?


This is a four week parenting journey for parents looking for answers to their child's struggles

Join me, and other parents, as we explore these struggles 

The more we understand these struggles, the more support we can offer to our children 


Practical Discussions and Guidance for Parents

  • Do you want your improve your understanding of these different struggles?

  • Would you like to gain knowledge that empowers you?

  • Would you like to develop skills to assist you in empowering your child?

  • Do you want to understand how your experience of these struggles is experienced by your children?

  • Do you want to talk openly with parents who understand and share similar struggles with their children?


        Date: Next group starts 14th July  2021      Time:  Wednesdays @ 7pm                Total Cost:  R1200

What will you achieve?


  1. You will gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of children who experience these struggles

  2. You will build connection with other parents whose children struggle too

  3. You will be more empowered with ideas and tools to assist you and your child

  4. You will gain knowledge that empowers you to understand the struggle your child experiences 

  5. You will gain a deeper knowledge of anxiety, ADHD and ADD and the possible role they play

  6. You will receive guidance as you explore your concerns

  7. You will see a reduction in your frustration as your knowledge and understanding increases


How will you achieve this?


  1. By improving your knowledge and understanding of the struggles our children are experiencing

  2. By listening to ideas and practical suggestions that have worked successfully for other children and their families

  3. By raising questions during sessions that are specific to your experience

  4. You will receive ongoing support and guidance as we learn and share together during our sessions

You will receive…

  1. A four-week parenting journey focused on understanding and managing these specific struggles  

  2. Ongoing support and guidance during the sessions

  3. Helpful resources for assisting and supporting your child and your family

DON’T MISS OUT                JOIN US

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